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Construction of Bolometers Patent

BolometerTEGAM Inc., a leading supplier of innovative RF power measurements, was awarded Patent No. 8,610,069, "Coaxial to Dual Co-Planar Waveguide Launcher for Microwave Bolometry." This patent describes a new way to construct bolometers, a type of microwave power sensor that uses thermistors, that makes them more accurate and easier to assemble. 

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± 40 VDC Bias Adapter: 2191A

40 VDC Bias Adapter 2191AThe TEGAM Model 2191A  ± 40 VDC bias adapter was designed to work with TEGAM’s 3525 and 3550 LCR meters to enable accurate testing of electrolytic, tantalum and other polarized capacitors.  The 2191A adapter accepts an external DC bias voltage up to ± 40 VDC to be applied across the test capacitor. Four six inch BNC cables are provided to connect the bias adapter to the LCR meter.

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TEGAM Acquires Product Lines from PPM Instruments

TEGAM Inc. announced that they have reached a formal agreement with PPM Instruments that grants TEGAM an exclusive license to manufacture, market and service their instrumentation products starting 1 August, 2010. After this date, TEGAM will become the sole manufacturer of PPM's resistance measuring equipment, laboratory nano-voltmeters, signal sources...
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