New Power Line Filters Boast 40 GHz and EMP Performance

ETS-Lindgren , booth 401F, announced a new series of multi-purpose radio frequency (RF) power line filters during EuMW. The filters are designed for the highest performance required by defense and commercial applications. Model N600X series filters are ideal for screened room and anechoic chambers to ensure both incoming and...
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ETS-Lindgren Introduces New Omnidirectional Antennas

ETS-Lindgren announced the launch of a new series of omnidirectional biconical antennas, Models 3180, 3181 and 3182, for broadband spectrum monitoring. The omnidirectional radiation pattern means the antenna can receive signals from every direction around its axis. In addition, for Models 3180 and 3182, the elements have been optimized...
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