2014 Mobile World Congress: Beyond Definition

The 2014 Mobile World Congress that was held from 24 to 27 February in Barcelona is billed as an industry-defining event; though the pace at which the mobile telecommunications industry continues to evolve makes the accurate definition and prediction of trends and especially their timescale for implementation a difficult task. However, having all of the major players under one extensive roof offers the opportunity to take stock, gauge opinions, talk to innovators at the forefront of technology and hopefully be able to see the wood for the 4Gs (or is that 5Gs now?).

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Marc Rocchi, President of OMMIC Perspective

In Conversation with Microwave Journal

RocchiIn conversation with Microwave Journal Marc Rocchi, OMMIC’s President offers an insight into the company’s operation, strategy and future plans. Rocchi begins by explaining the company’s approach to each solution – for GaAs it is mainly PHEMT and metamorphic, for InP it is HBT, while GaN is on silicon with a HEMT solution.

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European Microwave Week 2012 Preview

The global RF and microwave community is clearing its collective diary to make Space for Microwaves from Sunday 28thof October to Friday 2ndof November as the 15thEuropean Microwave Week returns to the Amsterdam RAI Conference Centre. There will be space to accommodate a broad range of subjects, from semiconductors and nanotechnology through to wireless and radar systems. Also, taking advantage of the local proximity of ESA/ESTEC, the Week will also focus on Microwaves for Space, with special emphasis being given to space applications.
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RF and Microwaves in Asia: Challenging Times

Over the last decade Asia has seen unprecedented economic, industrial and commercial growth. However, with the economic downturn impacting globally, and consumers, manufacturers and investors having to face harsh realities, will the region continue to ...
When this annual report was published a year ago, the reality of a global economic downturn had just begun to loom large. The banking and financial services sectors were the first to take a hit, but all industries, including the RF and microwave sector, were bracing themselves for the...
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