The global RF and microwave community is clearing its collective diary to make Space for Microwaves from Sunday 28thof October to Friday 2ndof November as the 15thEuropean Microwave Week returns to the Amsterdam RAI Conference Centre. There will be space to accommodate a broad range of subjects, from semiconductors and nanotechnology through to wireless and radar systems. Also, taking advantage of the local proximity of ESA/ESTEC, the Week will also focus on Microwaves for Space, with special emphasis being given to space applications.

It has been four years since European Microwave Week last visited the canal city of Amsterdam. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and the political, economic and industrial landscape has changed dramatically. However, during that time, with the support of academia and industry and through the efforts of the European Microwave Association and Horizon House publications, EuMW has endeavoured to bring the RF and microwave community together and highlight the technology and activity that is driving the sector forward.

It is this focus that has made European Microwave Week the premier microwave conference and exhibition event in Europe. The European Microwave Conference (EuMC), the largest of the three conferences, is enhanced and complemented by the European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC), focusing on semiconductor device and circuit technologies, and the European Radar Conference (EuRAD), targeting the field of radar, from components to applications. Now, more than ever before, research and innovation needs to find practical commercial applications and the European Microwave Exhibition has become established as a platform where companies from across the globe showcase and demonstrate their latest products.

The exhibition Halls are always a hub of activity but there is even more to see and interact with this year. Five cars will offer a practical hands-on demonstration of the latest radar sensors while the MicroApps Auditorium will house the European Microwave Week Microwave Application Seminars (MicroApps). Here, exhibitors will present technical applications based seminars describing state of-the-art products, design techniques and processes. The exhibition will also be the home of the coffee breaks and the conference Poster Sessions, feature a Publisher’s Corner and provide that all important Internet access via the CST sponsored Cyber Café.

Although the conference and exhibition are the mainstays of the Week, new initiatives are continually being added and developed. Special sessions focus on hot topics and expand the global reach beyond Europe to the Asia-Pacific and the wider Asian microwave community. Special events highlight the evolution of Defence, Security and Space and the importance of supporting students and post-graduates by offering challenges and instruction that will encourage them in their careers and stimulate a bright future both for them and our industry.

To stimulate minds and interest, a number of focussed sessions target specific areas of activity and special interest. Reflecting the fact that EuMW is international, far reaching and collaborates across the globe two sessions will centre on Asia. In the Special Session on APMC on Wednesday three distinguished invited speakers from Taiwan, Korea and Australia expand on the most advanced achievements in their respective fields of activity. Later on the same day the Microwaves Inside Asia Session aims to provide a general overview of various microwave research strengths and system applications, as well as to identify common research topics of interests for the promotion of international collaboration.

Taking up the Space for Microwaves theme is the Defence, Security and Space Forum, will again offer attendees the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and experience of representatives from government defence/space agencies and leading contractors. For more information see our article on the Defence Forum.

Interaction, networking and friendship are what EuMW aims to provide and that is typified by the popular Welcome Reception (including banquet), which will be held in the new Elicium building of the RAI Conference centre on Tuesday evening. It provides the ideal opportunity to combine business with pleasure.  It should be another successful year for EuMW as it makes its rotation to Amsterdam which is always a very good location and venue for the conference and exhibition.