Articles by Freescale Semiconductor, Tempe, Ariz.

Freescale Announces New RF Power LDMOS Transistors

Freescale Semiconductor introduced two LDMOS RF power transistors that allow wireless base station amplifiers to cover all channels in an entire allocated frequency band. The high-efficiency transistors help reduce capital and operating expenditures, and their wide instantaneous bandwidth allows operators to increase network flexibility. Most of today’s amplifier systems...
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Freescale Broadens RF LDMOS Portfolio

Freescale Semiconductor unveiled three advanced industrial RF power transistors at an ideal price/performance ratio for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The enhanced rugged capability combined with leading-edge RF performance enables OEMs to realize significant cost savings at the system level for industrial and commercial aerospace designs. Freescale’s MRFE6VP5600H/S and MRFE6VP61K25H/S...
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Freescale Introduces Three RF LDMOS Power Transistors

Freescale Semiconductor introduces three new RF LDMOS power transistors that deliver ultra high output levels required for Doherty-type, multi-carrier power amplifiers (MCPA) used in wireless base station transceivers. Freescale’s MRF8S18260H/S, MRF8P18265H/S and MRF8S19260H/S products are the newest members of Freescale’s High Voltage Eighth Generation (HV8) family of RF power...
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Freescale Enters GaAs MMIC Market with Four Devices

Freescale Semiconductor has entered the gallium arsenide (GaAs) Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) marketplace with the introduction of four new devices designed and optimized specifically for high performance in macro base stations, repeaters and femtocells employed in wireless networks. The devices address low-noise amplifiers and transmit power amplifiers –...
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Freescale Partners with Flextronics

Freescale Semiconductor announced that it has partnered with Flextronics to create a high performance reference design for the Enterprise WLAN access point market. Based on Freescale’s PowerQUICC® II Pro MPC8377E processor, the IEEE® 802.11N access point reference design offers a comprehensive, production-ready solution that scales from 400 to 800...
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