DENSO Corp., Freescale Semiconductor and TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. have joined together to form an industry consortium to drive further development and deployment of the Distributed Systems Interface (DSI) standard.

DSI is the automotive industry’s most widely adopted bus standard used to connect remotely placed sensors to the main airbag electronic control unit (ECU) in automobiles. The consortium will actively seek broader industry participation to enhance the capability of bus systems, while also expanding the range of applications beyond automotive and into industrial control and networking. Consortium members will be free to use the DSI standard and will be able to influence the development of future generations of the DSI standard.

“With the establishment of this consortium, we expect acceleration in the development of advanced competitive DSI standards that have higher performances and lower costs, as well as help expand the DSI standard in the market,” said Mitsuhiko Masegi, DENSO’s Managing Officer responsible for the Information & Safety Systems Business Group.

With this announcement, the DSI Consortium unveils DSI 2.5, the next-generation standard. The consortium will also work to develop the DSI 3.0 standard, which will aim to increase bus performance such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) signature and transmission speed.