WiMAX feels spectrum squeeze in India

Business case dramatically improves if 2.5 GHz available, says Yankee
Whether or not the business case is attractive for prospective WiMAX operators is dependent on a number of different factors. These include: the amount of spectrum available; the spectrum frequency on offer; cost of end-user devices; interconnect fees with other operators; broadband penetration levels; and scope for network sharing....
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The WiMAX roller coaster ride

2007 has been a year of ups and downs for the WiMAX camp. More success stories are needed this year to quiet the doubters
WiMAX supporters have had a turbulent time of late. On the downside, last year’s breakup of the Sprint Nextel-Clearwire partnership to roll out a mobile WiMAX network across the United States has raised serious questions about the growth potential of this wireless technology. Verizon Wireless also announced last November...
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Mobile WiMAX subscribers to exceed 80 million by 2013, predicts Juniper Research

(Assuming “suitable devices” are available and service differentiation can be achieved)
A new report by Juniper Research calculates the number of mobile WiMAX subscribers will exceed 80 million by 2013. The biggest surge in growth, says the research firm, will happen after 2010. Juniper’s projections assume a wide range of attractive devices will be available on the market within three...
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