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100 million WiMAX subscribers by 2014, says Maravedis

Device variety and large-scale deployments to drive growth
A new report by the Maravedis analyst firm predicts the number of WiMAX subscribers worldwide will top 100 million by 2014. It is slightly more bullish than a report published earlier this year by Juniper Research, which predicted 80 million WiMAX subscribers by 2013 ( Mobile WiMAX subscribers to...
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ITU defines mobile telecommunications future

Opens the door to mobile Internet
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Radiocommunication Assembly approved developments for its 3G standards on Oct. 24, paving the way for deployment of a range of voice, data and multimedia services to stationary and mobile devices. Meeting ahead of the World Radio­­com­munication Conference (WRC-07), which commenced Oct. 22 in Geneva,...
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Sprint Nextel: Is the other shoe about to drop?

Speculation fast & furious about provider’s WiMAX future
The speculation about what Sprint plans to do with WiMAX is spinning up to furious proportions as news spread that the provider could spin off its service into another company. A Bloomberg news report on Monday said that Sprint Nextel's acting CEO, Paul Saleh, told investors that the carrier...
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OMRON Corp. introduces global WiMAX antenna

Smaller design fits under the lid of notebook PCs
Tokyo-based OMRON Corp. today announced the introduction of a global WiMAX band polymer antenna, the HAWK-WMX, for laptops, notebooks, tablet and ultra-mobile PCs. The smaller antenna fits under the lid of notebook computers, enabling manufacturers to design smaller and lighter models. The HAWK-WMX employs the high dielectric polymer material...
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