Inphi Acquiring ClariPhy Communications, Adding Coherent DSP to Portfolio

Inphi Corporation has signed a definitive agreement to acquire ClariPhy Communications Inc. for $275 million in cash. ClariPhy provides ultra-high speed digital signal processing (DSP) systems-on-chip (SoC) for multi-terabit data, long haul and metro networks. This DSP capability complements Inphi’s fiber optic components, which will enable Inphi to offer more of the block diagram for optical networks.

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Inphi and Sierra Monolithics Demonstrate Interoperability

Inphi® Corp. , a leader in analog performance and signal integrity, announced the successful interoperability demonstration of its market leading 40G DQPSK modulator driver with Sierra Monolithics (SMI), a leader in 40 Gbps SerDes, multiplexer and clock multiplier unit (MUX/CMU). The result of this demonstration is the industry’s first...
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A High Speed Family of Commercial Track-and-Hold Devices for

A new class of very high input analog bandwidth and high sampling rate track-and-hold amplifiers (THA) has been developed for test and measurement, automatic test equipment (ATE), digital receivers and radar systems using a commercially available indium phosphide (InP) technology. Inphi® Corp.’s GigaTrack™ family of 2 GS/s track-and-hold amplifiers...
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High Frequency Prescalers for Advanced Synthesizer Applications

Modern digital communications, instrumentation, electronic warfare and radar systems require high frequency and/or broadband synthesizers that are stable in frequency and exhibit low phase noise at frequencies up to 50 GHz. Prescalers are typically used in phase-locked loop circuits for these synthesizer applications. A prescaler converts the RF input...
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