6G/5G/Massive MIMO Channel

5G smartphone market

How the RF Front-end World is Being Ruled in the 5G Era

5G will reshape consumer electronics RF front-ends, but not only that. After improving mobile broadband experience on smartphones and connecting the unconnected on a broadband network (through FWA for example), network operators intend to extend their business footprint across other market verticals, including industrial automation and automotive connectivity. These new business opportunities are becoming addressable thanks to the coverage and implementation work done through consumer 5G today.

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The Far Future of Next Generation Wireless Communications

5G Americas provides overview of Next G industry research and activities highlighting the evolution and future of mobile wireless networks

5G Americas announced the publication of a white paper Mobile Communications Beyond 2020 – The Evolution of 5G Towards Next G, which details this global work from several academic and industry organizations and presents potential use cases and technologies integral to the evolution of 5G towards the “Next G.”

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Otava Develops First Wideband 5G mmWave Beamformer IC

Avnet Launches Supporting Eval Board & Kit

RFIC start-up Otava has announced a wideband beamformer IC covering 24 to 40 GHz, which encompasses the 5G mmWave, satellite communications and military bands. To accelerate new designs using this IC, Avnet is launching a beamformer evaluation board and kit.

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