5G/Massive MIMO Channel

Accelerating Carrier Acceptance Testing for 5G Devices

The 5G market represents a significant opportunity for device manufacturers, particularly for smartphones. Jumpstarting device acceptance testing in the labs of device manufacturers is easier said than done, though. Solutions exist that address the challenges, including leveraging developed and flexible conformance test solutions, network emulation and power analyzers and virtual drive testing.

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Keysight Launches Next Generation Integrated Network Analyzers

Keysight Technologies has launched its next-generation network analyzers, available now in benchtop, USB and PXI form factors. This new generation delivers reliability and repeatability with best-in-class dynamic range, trace noise, temperature stability and a wide range of software applications enabling engineers to fully characterize devices.

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Commerce Move to Allow Limited Exports to Huawei Not Much Help for Suppliers

The U.S. Commerce Department is granting limited exceptions to the export ban imposed on Huawei. Aimed at mobile operators using Huawei equipment and owners of Huawei phones, the 90-day reprieve is not a lifeline for U.S. component suppliers. Most interesting, the exception allows Huawei to continue to engage in 5G standards development through recognized standards bodies.

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Steve Daly Replaces John Croteau as MACOM President and CEO

Former Hittite CEO takes the reins

In an unexpected move, MACOM announced this morning that Stephen Daly has replaced John Croteau as president and CEO. Daly is a member of MACOM’s board and previously served as president, CEO and chairman of Hittite. MACOM did not disclose what prompted the change, saying only that Croteau resigned May 15 and will serve in an advisory role for the next two months, to assist with the leadership transition.

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