Parallel Wireless, pioneer of Open RAN platform-agnostic solutions, and Türk Telekom, the first integrated telecommunications operator in Turkey, have expanded their collaboration on Open RAN initiatives. This expansion includes the integration of Parallel Wireless’s Open RAN 2G, 3G and 4G technology within Türk Telekom’s field trial infrastructure, with 5G technology currently under lab evaluation.

This strategic enhancement includes Parallel Wireless’s energy-saving solutions, the GreenRAN™ xApps and AMD-based 5G massive MIMO (mMIMO), which focuses on network management innovations. The xApps are designed to assist network operators in optimizing power consumption by adapting to fluctuating traffic demands. This capability enables Türk Telekom to further enhance network performance, coverage and energy efficiency by providing the flexibility to select and integrate various network solutions.

Open RAN establishes a foundation for innovation, a diverse supply chain and increased competition, serving as a powerful catalyst for enhanced technological efficiency and transformation. The Parallel Wireless GreenRAN™ xApps Suite provides companies with power-saving applications as an additional layer, running on an O-RAN-compliant near real-time radio intelligence controller (RIC) Platform, while maintaining network performance and end-user quality of experience.

“Layering our GreenRAN™ xApps technology on top of what’s currently deployed allows us to support Türk Telekom in their journey to test and implement innovative industry developments,” said Steve Papa, Founder & CEO of Parallel Wireless. “We are committed to deep investment in energy efficient innovation and delivering products with field-proven significant reduction in power consumption.”

“This opportunity is a win for operators who can use Open RAN to optimize network coverage and power consumption,” said Türk Telekom CEO, Ümit Önal.

“As our network grows, we are always looking for new industry developments and the best technology to allow us to stay at the forefront of advancements, to ensure superior optimization and scalable operations, while enhancing the experience for our users. In the age of technology, where digital transformation of companies, cities and sectors is very important, institutions see digital transformation as a road map to stand out in the competition.

“As Türk Telekom, we are the pioneer of digital transformation. We are present in every field where new-generation technologies are needed in this transformation process. We see digitalization as connecting to the world and the future, within the scope of our leading vision in this field, we are charting brand new routes for our industry with our innovative approach. We will continue our digital transformation and contribution to new technologies with a road map covering all areas of life,” added Önal.