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New Products: Test Equipment

TEST EQUIPMENT Radar Return Simulator Assembly The model 1663 radar return simulator assembly operates in Ku-band and is designed to provide a programmable phase and amplitude relationship between two channels for simulating radar return signals. The module interfaces with a waveguide manifold, which in turn interfaces with the waveguide...
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New Products: Processing Equipment

PROCESSING EQUIPMENT PCB Prototyping System The ProtoMat 91s/HS PCB prototyping system produces PCBs with trace edges and holes that are within 0.02 mils (5 mm) of design position. Tool change is quicker and easier with the incorporation of a lever tool release and a collect mechanism. These features allow...
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New Products: Subsystems

SUBSYSTEM S-band RF Head Marine Radar Product This 30 kW S-band RF head consists of a magnetron, circulator, limiter and low noise front end. The unit incorporates an E-plane waveguide for a lighter-weight product for optimum performance and long life. The design can be provided with a sensitivity time...
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Catalog Update

Catalog Update Fiber-optic Product Catalog This eight-page catalog features complete fiber-optic interconnect solutions, including fiber management systems, cable assemblies, adapters, attenuators, couplers and wavelength division multiplexers. Product photographs and specifications are included. Amphenol Fiber Optic Products, Lisle, IL (800) 944-6446 or (630) 810-5800. 1998 Communication IC Data Book This...
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News From Washington

News From Washington Proposals Invited for WAAS Space Segment As reported recently in Commerce Business Daily, the wide area augmentation system (WAAS) program office of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Reconnaissance Office, Advanced Systems and Technology Directorate, are inviting information from industry (under Air Force auspices)...
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International Report

International Report Matra Marconi Receives Green Light for METOP Franco-British contractor Matra Marconi Space has been given the green light to develop and produce three new meteorological satellites (designated METOP) for use in the European Meteorological Satellite Organisation’s (EUMETSAT) planned polar system programme. The new METOP vehicles will be...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market First Four Globalstar Satellites Launched The first four low earth orbit (LEO) satellites of the Globalstar system were launched in February from Cape Canaveral, FL. The $2.6 B Globalstar system, which comprises 48 LEO satellites and approximately 60 ground stations, will provide worldwide telephone service via cellular-sized...
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The Book End

The Book End RF Microelectronics Behzad Razavi Prentice Hall 335 pages; $70 This book deals with the analysis and design of RFICs and systems with a specific focus on RF electronics, leading into the design of RF transceivers and circuits. The text emphasizes architecture and circuit-level issues with respect...
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A Low Cost DC to 500 MHz Logarithmic Amplifier

A logarithmic amplifier IC that eliminates the need for conversion to baseband, thereby reducing subsystem cost and complexity
A Low Cost DC to 500 MHz Logarithmic Amplifier Analog Devices Inc. Wilmington, MA Logarithmic amplifiers are key components in a wide range of RF system applications. By virtue of its DC to 500 MHz frequency range and 92 dB dynamic range, the model AD8307 logarithmic amplifier can be...
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A 900 MHz, Single-supply GaAs Power Amplifier IC

A single-supply, 4.8 V monolithic GaAs IC power amplifier designed for use in Global System for Mobile communications applications
A 900 MHz, Single-supply GaAs Power Amplifier IC ANADIGICS Inc. Warren, NJ The current trend toward making cellular telephones smaller, lighter and more efficient continues to place high demands on component manufacturers to follow suit. Global System for Mobile communications (GSM), the largest segment of the cellular marketplace, appears...
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