The Company

Xilinx is the worldwide leader in complete programmable logic solutions and leading FPGA provider to the wireless infrastructure communications market with the signal processing and interfacing capabilities required to support today’s high bandwidth systems in the most cost and power-effective manner.

The Challenge

The Xilinx wireless engineering team needed to develop production quality LTE uplink (UL) LogiCORE IP that could be implemented directly by Xilinx eNodeB customers. All LTE algorithms and hardware IP cores must be verified against published standards, but existing test-vector creation methods either lacked the fine parameterization and flexibility needed to test individual LTE PHY algorithms and blocks, or they lagged behind updates to the standard.

The Solution and Result

Agilent SystemVue and the W1910 LTE baseband verification library were used to create highly-specific LTE test vectors. These were downloaded to the Agilent N5106A PXB baseband generator and channel emulator, which added fading and control to the real-time test environment, along with a hardware digital interface to support the Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs. Using this solution, Xilinx was able to validate its LTE uplink implementation quickly and with less effort, being confident with Agilent’s wireless and measurement expertise that is built into the SystemVue LTE solution.

The key features of SystemVue that enabled this include:

• Direct links to the Agilent N5106A and E89601A VSA software

• W1910 LTE PHY reference library that interoperates with measurement equipment

• Simple polymorphic modeling interface

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