RF & Microwave Industry News

A Digital Phase Detection Subsystem

A single-channel assembly for high-speed, high accuracy phase and amplitude measurements of an IF signal pair
A Digital Phase Detection Subsystem Signal Technology Corp., Olektron Operation Beverly, MA The model IFS-9830 digital phase detection subsystem (DPDS) is a single-channel (one phase comparison) assembly used for high speed, high accuracy phase and amplitude measurements of an IF signal pair. The assembly measures the absolute phase difference...
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The 1998 MTTS-S IMS: Another Record-breaking Event

A review of the high points of the 1998 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) and Exhibition, which was held June 7-12 in Baltimore
The 1998 MTTS-S IMS: Another Record-breaking Event Frank Bashore Microwave Journal Staff The 1998 MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) and Exhibition was held June 7 through 12 in Baltimore and managed to break the attendance record set only two years ago in San Francisco. The week-long conference attracted 10,550...
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The Current State of the Art in Coplanar MMICs

The integration of a comprehensive library of coplanar elements within the Libra series IV electromagnetic simulator as well as various applications designed using this library
The Current State of the Art in Coplanar MMICs Thomas Sporkmann Institut für Mobil- and Satellitenfunktechnik Kamp-Lintfort, Germany In part one of this article (published in the July issue of Microwave Journal), the evolution of coplanar line techniques over the last 30 years was presented and alternatives for designing...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit INDUSTRY NEWS Methode Electronics Inc. has merged its connector and interconnect product divisions to form a new Connector Products division. The resources of the two divisions are now under the direction of one management team and have combined engineering, fabricating and assembly activities. The Connector Products...
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New Literature

New Literature Digital Analog RF Technology Solution Brochure This four-page brochure discusses the company’s DARTS™ digital analog RF technology solutions designed for a wide array of signal control, measurement and distribution applications. Specifications and product photographs are provided. Anaren Microwave Inc., East Syracuse, NY (315) 432-8909. Service Brochure This...
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New Products: Components

COMPONENTS Glass Composite Capacitors The CY31 series glass composite capacitors offer tight capacitance tolerances within +/-0.25 pF, low loss characteristics of less than 0.1 percent, dielectric absorption of less than 0.01 percent and zero piezoelectric noise. The rated voltage is 25 V DC with a temperature coefficient of 0...
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New Products: Hardware

HARDWARE HDI Substrate MCMs These multichip modules (MCM) are supplied on high density interconnect (HDI) substrates, which form an ideal carrier for the bare dies. Due to the precision features and good material properties of HDI substrates, standard processes such as high speed bonding and molding can be used...
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New Products: Materials

MATERIALS PTFE Materials The AD series woven fiberglass-reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) materials for microwave PCBs are designed for high volume commercial applications. Electrical and mechanical performance of the materials are comparable to most MIL Spec PTFE materials, including a dielectric constant range from 2.5 to 3.6 (depending on material) and...
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New Products: Antennas

ANTENNAS 3.5 dBi Dipole, Low Profile Patch Antenna The Squint series omnidirectional PCS-/digital communications service- and ISM-band patch antenna features a 3.5 dBi dipole-like pattern shape and ceiling-mount option, which provides a low profile for minimum visual impact. Gain at the horizon is 2.5 dBi. The antenna is designed...
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New Products: Amplifiers

AMPLIFIERS 2 W Solid-state Power Amplifier The model IPA4045-3325 2 W solid-state power amplifier is designed for integration into very small aperture terminal systems or for use in emerging satellite Internet applications. The unit operates in the 13.75 to 14.5 GHz Ku-band and features a MMIC-based design that provides...
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