The next ARMMS RF and Microwave conference to be held on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 November, 2010, at Corby UK, will have a strong focus on both system level developments and component level advances and speakers will provide an in-depth insight into system related issues within radio and microwave technology.

The field of THz spectroscopy will be addressed by Mira Naftaly of the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. The application of THz technology to imaging is becoming mature, and new applications, such as very big bit rate communications, are becoming possible. Naftaly will address standards, metrology and protocol questions that are being resolved to open the way for the wider application of this technology.

Component level aspects of RF and microwave technology will also be covered in detail. Speakers from Cree Inc. will describe their gallium nitride on silicon carbide MMIC process and the benefits that result for high dynamic range receivers. Gallium nitride is also being applied in solid state power amplifiers for use in satellites. Speakers from EADS Astrium will describe a pioneering 200 W high efficiency power amplifier, which employs this technology.

The maturing field of Automatic Modulation Recognition has led to the quantitative analysis of communications systems. Two speakers from the Open University will present the use of the recurrence plots as a visualization aid and the technique’s development into an automatic method capable of determining the constellation format of received signals.

In the field of electronic warfare systems, Simon Brown of the Institute of System Level Integration based at Heriot-Watt University Research Park, Edinburgh, will consider estimation of angle of arrival of radar pulses. John Kitchen of SJ Technology will consider the detailed design of directional couplers, while other speakers will address infrared temperature measurement of RF devices using the ‘micro-particle’ technique.

The conference also includes an exhibition and the program time is allocated to provide opportunities for networking amongst the delegates, speakers and exhibitors. For more information, visit: