Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), a supplier of data converters and a leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications, introduced 12-bit and 10-bit mixed-signal front-ends (MxFE) that reduce power and board space for developers of wireless infrastructure and portable radio equipment. The 12-bit AD9963 and 10-bit AD9961 MxFEs use 40 percent less power and 25 percent less printed-circuit board area than competing devices without sacrificing performance. These MxFEs are especially effective for cost-sensitive wireless equipment, such as femtocell and picocell base stations that require highly integrated dual transmit-and-receive functions.

“For RF design engineers designing small-scale wireless communication equipment, Analog Devices’ new MxFEs reduce power and component count,” said Chris Jacobs, Product Line Director, Analog Devices. “The low-power, highly integrated transmit-and- receive paths of our new front-end ICs help customers simplify their designs to meet aggressive cost targets while still providing industry-leading data converter dynamic range.”