EADS Defence & Security (DS) demonstrated the latest state-of-the-art TETRA Capabilities in Romania, in the context of Romanian border protection and in compliance with the Schengen Agreement. The TETRA/TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) Demonstration was attended by senior representatives of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, along with representatives from the Special Telecommunications Service, the Ministry of National Defence, as well as other public institutions tasked with the protection of national safety and order.

TEDS is the high-speed data evolution of the TETRA radio communication standard. DS showed several TETRA data capabilities, including the sharing of images using the ‘instant image broadcast’ system, the triggering of an electronic display by means of short text messages, and the verification of vehicle licence plates.

Secure and reliable communication is one of the prerequisites for successful crisis operations carried out by public safety forces and public instructions tasked with the protection of national security. The same TETRA radio network that the Romanian Government already uses for communication and dispatching can also enable many extremely useful data applications, as was demonstrated. It is also the cornerstone of national security systems.