Skyworks Solutions Inc., an innovator of high reliability analog and mixed signal semiconductors enabling a broad range of end markets, announced a cost-effective complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) front-end module (FEM) for general packet radio service (GPRS) handsets. Skyworks’ newest device, the SKY77555, offers handset OEMs industry-leading architectures and high-performance solutions for entry-level phones in an ultra-small 5 x 6 mm package. By eliminating the need to optimize matching between the amplifier and the switch, this module helps accelerate customers’ time-to-market relative to other more traditional architectures, and simplifies the supply chain for high-volume, cost-sensitive phones.

With the addition of this new module, Skyworks continues to expand upon its leadership position in CMOS power amplifiers (PA). To date, Skyworks has shipped tens of millions of CMOS-based PAs for mobile phones – far more than all other suppliers combined. In addition to meeting handset manufacturers’ needs, Skyworks’ CMOS portfolio supports existing product roadmaps in several of its adjacent linear products markets, such as low-power smart grid networks and wireless meter reading solutions.

“Skyworks’ CMOS and GaAs front-end modules allow handset manufacturers to create ultra-small and low-cost GSM/GPRS solutions, as well as to select different price versus performance options from the same basic phone design,” said Gregory L. Waters, Skyworks’ Executive Vice President and General Manager for front-end solutions. “Our technology-agnostic approach provides our customers with a unique advantage in meeting their platform, geographic and cost needs. Looking ahead, we will continue to leverage both silicon and GaAs technology across a variety of new products, ranging from entry-phone devices to industry-leading, low-cost smart phones and 3G/4G solutions.”