RFHIC, a RF/MW component company with a heavy focus on GaN and GaAs technology, announced the securing of multiple significant design wins across the industry’s tier-one CATV line extenders, optical network system manufacturers and TV tuner makers in the US and Japan with the ePHEMT MMIC product line, RFHIC’s second generation MMIC.

This MMIC line that comes with the AE- prefix part number shows optimized performance for 75 ohm communication systems delivering surprisingly low distortion, high efficiency and low noise. A variety of RFHIC amplifiers in this product line are available to support various types of market demands. For optical network systems, it supports 48 to 1000 MHz, 50 to 2200 MHz and 70 to 2600 MHz. For TV antenna and tuner applications, amplifiers with excellent linearity and distortion are available. The electrical parameters can be modified to meet any specific requirement since the amplifiers accommodate supply voltage from 3.3 to 12 V. In addition, the built-in protector diode makes the MMIC robust against environmental damages.

“We are not targeting only CATV line extenders,” said B.G. Han, Director of RFHIC’s component design division. “We are rather focused on supporting the needs of manufacturers of TV tuners, set-top boxes and optical network systems like RfoG where RF paths are involved.”

Although this product line was just recently released, this new MMIC, with better performance, already succeeds RFHIC’s first generation MMIC, GaAs HBT and MESFET, which proved to be very competitive with its sales volume in the wired communication applications for the last several years.