Organizers announced the formation of Crystal RFI Solutions LLC (CRFIS), a new company dedicated to providing global solutions for preventing and identifying the source of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

CRFIS will introduce its first product, RFI Sentry™, at the Satellite Industry’s Satellite 2010 conference March 15-18, 2010. RFI Sentry provides satellite operators and users the ability to prevent costly RFI to satellite transponders and to quickly identify sources of transponder RFI from anywhere around the world.

Crystal RFI Solutions LLC is founded by Roger Franklin, Chairman, and is managed by Rob Dowd, President. CRFIS is built on the patent-pending methodology and technology behind the RFI Sentry solution.

“Radio Frequency Interference costs the global satellite communications industry millions of dollars each year in lost revenue and productivity,” Franklin said. “RFI Sentry enables the Satellite Communications market to take advantage of a revolutionary methodology to help prevent RFI, quickly identify the source of RFI, and resolve transponder conflicts. In addition to benefiting the Satellite Communications industry, the methodology can be applied to prevent or identify RFI in a wide range of fixed-frequency wireless RF communication networks where only a single transmitter is allowed within a given frequency range, physical destination, direction, or time including Terrestrial Microwave, WiMAX, Cellular or Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) RF Relay Stations.”