Nujira and TriQuint Semiconductor have announced the successful integration of the new TriQuint TriPower™ PA with Nujira Coolteq.h envelope tracking power modulator technology to create what is claimed to be the world’s most efficient 2.1 GHz PA for cellular base stations.

2.1 GHz is a band widely licensed for cellular networks globally, and one of the most popular bands for LTE and W-CDMA transmissions. The 2.1 GHz PA test fixture combines the Nujira Coolteq.h modulator with a TriQuint TriPower TG2H214120 device. The fixture achieves 56 percent efficiency at the 2.1 GHz LTE bandwidth W-CDMA signals (6.5 dB PAR) and 52 percent with LTE signals (8.5 dB PAR).

Nujira CEO Tim Haynes commented, “We are committed to working in partnership with the world’s leading PA vendors to reduce the carbon footprint and operating cost of the next generation of cellular base stations. The new generation of TriQuint PAs is their most energy efficient ever, and by integrating it with a Nujira Coolteq.h module we have set a new benchmark for transmission energy efficiency at 2.1 GHz.”

Gary Lerude, TriQuint Networks’ Senior Product Marketing Director, added, “TriQuint GaAs TriPower technology is perfectly suited for integration with Nujira Coolteq.h envelope tracking power modulator modules to deliver best-in-class base station power efficiency. These two technologies are a powerful combination that will help base station vendors in their drive to reduce their total cost of ownership and CO2 emissions while simultaneously offering higher power amplifiers for remote radio head and other base station designs.”

The two companies will develop further reference designs as TriQuint extends the TriPower family.