Planar Monolithics Industries and Amplitech announced the collaboration of their combined product offering, engineering skills and marketing efforts. The companies will independently run the administrative and production facilities but will share a combined manufacturer's representative sales force, marketing effort and will direct future engineering requirements to the facility best suited to achieve a particular customer's requirement.

This collaborative effort takes advantage of the unique skills and offerings of each company independently, culminating in demonstrable best-of-breed microwave system integration and designs for the benefit of the end users and customers.

Amplitech has gained a reputation for accurately and competitively achieving its corporate goal of designing and building the most technically advanced microwave amplifiers and support devices available today. Amplitech is the vendor of choice for numerous Tier 1 and Tier 2 mil/space concerns requiring a wide variety of complex amplifiers with mission-critical specifications.

Planar Monolithics Industries represents many years of high-level design and engineering and manufacturing skills in a wide variety of hybrid MIC/MMIC microwave components and subsystems including switched filter banks, switch matrices, filters, limiters, threshold detectors, phase shifters and modulators, frequency discriminators, and specialized amplifiers such as SDLVAs, IF/RF Log amplifiers, passive components and receiver front ends. In the past several years PMI has gained a reputation for its multi-module integration skill and microwave system design focused on EW, RWR, ECM, ELINT, SIGINT and C4ISR RF equipment.

Both companies enjoy industry-wide respect for their internal engineering skills, attention to detail and technical prowess. Together, this collaborative effort is able to offer unprecedented start-to-finish system design and individual component design featuring absolute state-of-the-art specifications and function evolving from in-house proprietary MMIC or discrete designs.

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