SUSS MicroTec is engaging with one of the world's leading research institutes, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan, on the development of 3D integration technologies. The Advanced Stacked-System Technology and Application Consortium (Ad-STAC), a multinational research association led by ITRI, will implement the 300 mm lithography cluster LithoPack300 and the 300 mm bond cluster CBC300 of SUSS MicroTec in its 300mm demo production line at ITRI in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. With this SUSS MicroTec is joining the consortium and will actively apply its expertise in 3D Integration to further process development.

The Ad-STAC aims to drive technology advances for industrial development in the field of 3D Integration. It consists of 12 multinational companies installing the world's first 300 mm demo-production line, targeting solely 3D research and development. This line provides state-of-the-art equipment and materials for a wide range of processes. The facility, which is open to all parties interested in 3D development, offers companies from different fields as well as research institutes a unique environment to develop and test new technologies and products.

SUSS MicroTec’s 300 mm wafer processing equipment that is joining the demo production line represents the core solutions of the company’s 300 mm portfolio. The LithoPack300 integrates two latest generation 300 mm photolithography modules, the MA300 Gen2 mask aligner and the ACS300 Gen3 spray coater, in one system. The CBC300 is a modular wafer bonding platform configured to run the latest fusion bonding techniques with plasma activation, thermo compression bonding including copper-to-copper (CuCu) bonds for 3D Integration. It offers temporary bonding capability using the latest generation adhesives specifically designed for 3D applications.

"We are looking forward to SUSS MicroTec joining Ad-STAC," noted Ian Chan, VP & EOL General Director of ITRI. "SUSS MicroTec is known as the leading expert in their field so I am confident that their experience will become a real asset to the challenging environment of our demo production line.”

Frank Averdung, CEO and President of SUSS MicroTec, responded, "We are proud to have become part of this important alliance in ITRI's Ad-STAC program. We will be working with worldwide leading research and industry partners on viable production platforms to enable cost efficient and high yielding manufacturing processes. Being at the forefront of technology development we will be able to directly pass our technology advancements on to our customers to shorten the time to market for our customers' advanced products."