Harris Corp., an international communications and information technology company, has been awarded a $13.5 M order to provide the US Air Force with both vehicular radios and the new Harris digital tactical intercom system. The equipment will be installed in high mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicles or humvees (HMMWV) in support of Air Force ground missions.

The Air Force is acquiring Harris Falcon III® AN/VRC-110 multiband, multimode vehicular radios, along with the recently introduced RF-7800I Tactical Intercom System. The RF-7800I provides modular, interoperable in-vehicle voice and data connectivity among vehicle crew members, while also creating a network backbone that centralizes access to and control of vehicular communication assets, including the AN/VRC-110.

The AN/VRC-110 is a high-performance, multiband vehicular tactical radio system that offers users a wide range of capabilities such as SINCGARS interoperability, APCO P25, ultra high-frequency (UHF) ground-to-ground line-of-sight communications, close-air support and programmable encryption. The JTRS-approved AN/PRC-152(C) serves as the handheld transceiver in the AN/VRC-110 system.