The TD Industry Association (TDIA) and the NGMN Alliance, the group focussing on the evolution of next generation mobile networks, have established a cooperation agreement to support the globally harmonized development of next generation mobile broadband technologies and services.

The TDIA and NGMN will work together to promote TD-LTE technology worldwide and ensure the development of a convergent standard for Frequency Division Duplex and Time Division Duplex-based next generation mobile networks. This will lay the foundation to extend market scale and to ensure seamless mobile broadband experience for the customer. The two bodies will widen the scope of work on chipsets and devices, system interworking, trial coordination, spectrum requirements, as well as roaming support.

Peter Meissner, operating officer of the NGMN Alliance, stated, “The aim of this agreement is to avoid fragmentation of standards, to reduce cost and market risks, and to provide truly global services and devices for the end-user.”