Presentations at the latest European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) TTCN-3 User Conference demonstrated that the internationally standardized testing language TTCN-3 has gained further ground worldwide in the domains of telecommunication, automotive and medical business.

The products of all of these sectors are becoming more and more complex, relying on extensive interactions between components and systems, and also increasingly using (and re-using) elements from third-party suppliers. This vast complexity demands extensive and thorough testing, and TTCN-3 has proved itself as a suitable and intuitive tool for defining the tests.

The conference also confirmed that TTCN-3 has established itself as the test automation language of choice for model-based testing and automated interoperability testing. Independence from specific test tools continues to make TTCN-3 a key differentiator from other testing technologies.

The conference attracted 75 specialists from around the world. Speakers came from France, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Russia, China and Canada. This geographical mix confirms the growing global interest in the language. Whilst traditional use of TTCN-3 has largely centered on Europe, other parts of the world (notably China and India) are adopting it and are developing considerable expertise in its use. In May 2009, the TTCN-3 Asia Forum was created, based in Beijing, with the purpose of facilitating and promoting the use of the language in Asia, and providing feedback into its ongoing development.