HVVi Semiconductors Inc., a developer of silicon RF power transistors, announces the addition of the HVV1011-500 to its growing line-up of L-band devices. These devices are fabricated using the industry’s first High Voltage Vertical Field Effect Transistor (HVVFET™) architecture. HVV1011-500 is a 500 W (P1dB) single-ended device, and represents the highest power offering in its 1030 to 1090 MHz family. By utilizing this technology, HVVi can offer the most robust devices available for interrogator, transponder and TCAS applications. Like its predecessors, the HVV1011-035 and HVV1011-300, this new device is optimized for 50 V operation offering a complete high-voltage design approach for simpler system integration.

“This newest addition to our product portfolio takes the next step toward realizing our goal of offering the industry’s highest power and most rugged power transistors,” said Marcus Sucro, VP of Sales at HVVi.

Multiple system advantages
HVVFET technology offers performance advantages in terms of:
• Ruggedness - The technology’s higher ruggedness (20:1 VSWR) allows radar and avionics designers to eliminate bulky and costly isolators and, in the process, significantly reduce system weight, size and cost.
• Gain - Higher gain resulting in fewer stages reducing parts count, complexity and shrinking PCB space requirements in power amplifiers (PA).
• Operating Voltage - Higher voltage and high efficiency operation resulting in simplified biasing circuitry.

Complete system lineups
For L-band avionics applications operating from 1030 to 1090 MHz, HVVi demonstrates HVV1011-500 system-level performance by combining two devices into a single-stage line-up (reference demonstration fixture P/N D1011-1000-B). Under 50 µs pulse width and 5 percent duty cycle operation, this demonstration fixture provides 1000 W Pout, 16 dB gain and 50 percent efficiency operating at 50 V bias. This single-stage line-up is assembled in an ultra-compact 3.5" x 3.25" PCB footprint further highlighting the fundamental size, weight and performance benefits of HVVi’s RF power transistors when implemented into a complex Avionics system architecture.

To learn more about the new HVVFET power transistors, visit HVVi (Booth #435) at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Exhibition in Boston, MA, June 7-11, 2009.