Remtec Inc., a manufacturer of metallized ceramic substrates and packages with Plated Copper on Thick Film Technology (PCTF®), and Microwave Packaging Technology Inc. (MPT), Anaheim, CA, a leader in the design, test and assembly of microwave modules and components, have announced a strategic alliance to integrate their core competencies. By combining these capabilities, Remtec and MPT establish a single, reliable source for the design, test and manufacture of advanced microwave and millimeter-wave packages and modules built with PCTF technology.

This new alliance will provide three key advantages to design engineers: speed the introduction of high-frequency products, reduce the cost of development and offer a single stop, integrated source. Through the alliance microwave designers have access to support for product design, simulation, manufacture and test.

Remtec, with over 15 years of experience in the manufacture of cost effective, custom leadless hermetic and non-hermetic packages, provides the field-proven, versatile and high performance PCTF technology with copper metallization, solid via holes and castellations. Remtec’s integrated substrate hermetic packages with built-in thermal pipes and copper heat spreaders eliminate the need for an external metal housing, providing shorter interconnects and better thermal paths, which result in improved electrical and thermal performance.

Microwave Packaging Technology provides broad know-how and experience in understanding the intricacies of RF interconnects, RF transitions and material properties. MPT provides in-depth expertise in RF package, circuit design and modules as well as fabrication of test and measurement tools and fixtures. The result is an effective and efficient product with predictable performance from DC to millimeter-wave frequencies.

In addition, MPT/Remtec engineers provide advice on matching IC design with package design early in the development stage to reduce the high costs of design iterations as well as to shorten time-to-market. Overall, the design and fabrication cycle time is greatly shortened and the product reaches the market at a higher performance level than previously possible.

The combined expertise and capabilities of the new Remtec/MPT strategic alliance will serve expanded market segments, including military, satellite communication, telecom, medical, wireless, opto-electronics and power electronics.