New Horizons in Mobile and Wireless Communications, Vol. 3: Reconfigurability

Ramjee Prasad and Albena Mihovska, Eds.

Based on cutting-edge research projects in the field, this book (part of a comprehensive four-volume series) provides the latest details and covers the most impactful aspects of mobile, wireless and broadband communications development. These books present key systems and enabling technologies in a clear and accessible manner, offering a detailed roadmap of the future evolution of next generation communications. Other volumes cover Radio Interfaces; Networks, Services and Applications; and Ad Hoc Networks.

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Essentials of Radio Wave Propagation

Christopher Haslett

This is a quick reference guide for understanding radio propagation issues in order to maximize efficiency in wireless networks. Using real-world case studies, practical problems and minimum mathematics, it explains how to predict signal strengths in a variety of situations. Fundamentals are explained in the context of their practical significance. Applications, including point-to-point radio links, broadcasting and earth-space communications, are thoroughly treated, and more sophisticated methods, which form the basis of software tools for both network planning and spectrum management, are also described. For a rapid understanding and insight into radio propagation, sufficient to enable one to undertake real-world engineering tasks, this concise book is useful for network planners, hardware designers, spectrum managers, senior technical managers and policy makers who are either new to radio propagation or who need a quick reference guide.

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Electromagnetics, Second Edition

Edward J. Rothwell and Michael J. Cloud

This second edition of a popular text continues to offer coverage that spans the entire field, from electrostatics to the integral solutions of Maxwell’s equations. The book provides a firm grounding in the fundamental concepts of electromagnetics and bolsters understanding through the use of classic examples in shielding, transmission lines, waveguides, propagation through various media, radiation, antennas and scattering. Mathematical appendices present helpful background information in the areas of Fourier transforms, dyadics and boundary value problems. The second edition adds a new and extensive chapter on integral equation methods with applications to guided waves, antennas and scattering.

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