Comtech Xicom Technology continues its long history of technological leadership in high power amplifier (HPA) products for satellite communications with the introduction of a new lightweight, outdoor, traveling wave tube amplifier (TWTA). It is the SATCOM industry’s first outdoor packaged 1250 W TWTA designed to operate in the Ku-band uplink frequency, providing new capabilities to broadcast and teleport operators.

Comtech Xicom’s new Ku-band amplifier, Model XTD-1250KL, uses a high-efficiency, dual-stage depressed collector, 1.25 kilowatts peak power, TWT to provide 450 W of linear power at the flange, over the full 13.75 to 14.5 GHz uplink frequency band.

As the industry’s first outdoor units designed at this power level, Comtech Xicom’s new TWTAs enable satellite operators to mount the HPA at the antenna, eliminating long waveguide runs and shelter requirements while maintaining high reliability. In many cases, a single Comtech Xicom TWTA, operating with multiple carriers, can take the place of multiple klystron power amplifiers (KPA), dramatically reducing both upgrade costs. Reduced power consumption also lowers on-going operating costs and enhances reliability through lower internal operating temperatures.

“This new high power TWTA will enable SATCOM service providers to reduce operational costs while meeting demanding performance and reliability requirements,” said Walt Wood, CEO of Comtech Xicom Technology. “It’s just the latest example of Comtech Xicom listening to our customers’ needs and developing the next cutting-edge product to address those needs.”

This new capability is delivered in a rugged weatherized package that measures 21.5” x 12.75” x 12” and weighs only 85 lbs. These full-featured amplifiers can be configured for single-thread, redundant, or phase-combined operation and incorporate a range of features including RF gain control, pre-distortion linearizer, solid-state pre-amplifier, and a complete serial monitor and control (M&C) system.