EADS Defence and Communications Systems has officially handed over the first Surface-to-Air Missile Operations Centre (SAMOC) to the Federal Office for Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB). With this delivery, the company is equipping the FlaRak Geschwader 2 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, SAM Wing 2 based with the German Air Force at Bad S├╝lze in Mecklenburg Western Pommerania, with the most up-to-date air defense control center available on the market.

The SAMOC system provides planning, mission and evaluating functions for military operations and, through linking with tactical data systems, can deliver results in real time to various decision-makers. It can also rank data into potential threat categories, while still being able to distinguish between faulty data and high quality results. In this way, precise data can be provided very quickly, enabling on-the-spot decisions to be made through coordination of all German ground stations and air defense systems, AWACS and partners in the Alliance.

The system, which was specially developed for the German Luftwaffe, has already proven its network-centric operations capabilities in numerous demonstrations. Series production began at the beginning of 2004 and is expected to continue until the end of 2006.