Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials (ACM) Division announced its new reverse-treated copper foil option on RO4000® series laminates. The RO4000 LoPro™ laminates are enabled by special interface technology to be made with very low profile reverse-treat copper foil while maintaining copper peel strength equal to or better than standard RO4000 materials. RO4000 LoPro laminates combine the best in class electrical and thermo-mechanical reliability of RO4000 laminates with improved insertion loss and outstanding passive intermodulation (PIM) characteristics.

Rogers' RO4000 LoPro Laminates feature a low z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) over a wide temperature range for reliable plated-thru-hole performance in multilayer circuits. The LoPro family of laminates is compatible with standard printed-circuit-board (PCB) fabrication processing and lead-free assembly temperatures. RO4000 LoPro laminates support high speed, high frequency circuits with low insertion loss, and improved signal integrity for ATE, wireless, and networking applications. Additionally, the RO4000 LoPro laminates achieve low PIM values, which are critical for antenna designs.

RO4000 LoPro laminates extend Rogers' portfolio of high performance materials by offering improved laminate electrical performance, boosting manufacturing yields, and enabling higher circuit densities. RO4000 LoPro materials are compatible with lead-free PCB manufacturing processes and are ideal for a wide range of analog and digital applications, including antennas, microwave radio links, ATE, servers, and routers.