The last phase of a WiMAX project at Promonte, the prime GSM mobile service provider in Montenegro, has been completed by Comarch. The project introduces global activity taken within Telenor Group’s ‘Internet to the people’, taking advantage of the combination of the latest technologies like 3GHSPA, WiMAX and WiFi.

The project focused on three areas: construction of the WiMAX transport network, installation of access to WiFi infrastructure and core equipment (OSS/BSS systems, routing and switching). The construction of the WiMAX network included delivery and installation of WiMAX base stations in seven major cities.

The range of the network was further extended by building WiFi access infrastructure in main tourist locations (hotel areas, busy squares, etc). In the areas not covered by WiMAX technology, access will be ensured using integrated WiFi over UMTS. The last stage of the project includes installation of OSS/BSS systems and core routing/switching equipment.

Promonte imposed a strict three-month schedule. However, through close cooperation between Comarch’s engineers, Telenor R&I experts and Promonte’s professional staff, Comarch took just two and a half months to build the network infrastructure and integrated BSS systems, which has enabled the launch of the first Internet services in Montenegro’s major cities (Podgorica and the largest holiday resorts on the coast) by using WiMAX technology.