Cascade Microtech, a provider of precise electrical measurements on small structures, is expanding its capabilities in the semiconductor failure analysis market. In August 2005, the company introduced the eVue digital imaging system, a major new tool for sub-micron probing to ease the problems of failure analysis on rapidly shrinking geometries. Cascade Microtech announced that it has entered into a business and technology partnership with Credence Systems Corp. to further expand its failure analysis market penetration. The terms of the relationship were not disclosed.

"As process development costs soar due to shrinking process nodes, accurate failure analysis is more critical than ever to semiconductor manufacturers," said said John Pence, vice president, Engineering Products Division, Cascade Microtech. "The partnership continues Cascade Microtech's reach into the semiconductor failure analysis market. We intend to expand our failure analysis solutions through strategic relationships and unique products.

Credence's leadership in complete offerings of proven 65nm debug and diagnostics equipment is strategic to Cascade's launch of our Failure Analysis product line."

"Cascade Microtech's vision and expertise will help Credence continue to meet our customers' aggressive roadmaps and demand for best in class small geometry measurement capabilities," said Ofir Baharav, senior vice president and general manager of Credence Systems Corp. "We are very pleased to be working with Cascade Microtech in this area."