Rogers Corp.’s Advanced Circuit Materials Division (ACM) will demonstrate its impact on today’s – and tomorrow’s – world at the upcoming European Microwave Week trade show, scheduled for October 28-30, 2008, at the Amsterdam RAI, Hall 3, stand 313.

Rogers' ACM will display examples of its high-performance circuit materials, including the latest addition to its RT/duroid7reg; family: RT/duroid® 6202PR. This high-frequency laminate features low loss and low dielectric constant (2.90 for 0.005-in.-thick laminate) with tight control of dielectric constant (within ±0.04) and tight thickness control. With its excellent dimensional stability and in-plane expansion coefficient closely matched to copper, Rogers' RT/duroid 6202PR provides a stable base for fabricating planar resistors. Ideal for flat and nonplanar structures and in multilayer circuits, Rogers' RT/duroid 6202PR is available with electrodeposited and rolled copper foil.

In addition to its reliable RT/duroid 6202PR material, Rogers' ACM will display its RO4003C™ and RO4350B™ laminates at the European Microwave Week show. These low-loss laminates are now available with thin-film embedded resistor copper foils for use in high-speed electronic devices, and with enhanced copper bond technology to provide cost-effective circuit solutions with the reduced passive intermodulation (PIM) distortion required in many wireless communications applications.

Other products on hand at the Rogers booth will be RT/duroid 5000, RT/duroid 6002, RO3000®, RO4000® and TMM® laminates.

Rogers’ ACM Division offers more than 50 individual high frequency laminates and flexible circuit material products to fit thousands of high performance design configurations. For more information on the full range of ACM products, visit