Global Test Solutions (GTS) and Toellner Electronic Instruments announced the availability of the Series 8950 400 W programmable DC power supplies. These compact instruments feature auto-ranging, constant voltage, constant current and constant power capability, providing the user with complete and safe control over the output. In addition, the optional arbitrary function allows simulation of any signal such as battery charge and discharge profiling for testing of load conditions on battery-operated devices.

“The award-winning Series 8950 is an ideal tool for a wide range of applications, from avionics to solar power to EMC,” said Stefan Krause, worldwide sales manager, Toellner Electronic Instruments.

“The number of features in these small, half-rack power supplies makes it an economical solution for design and test engineers for applications from audio to automotive, in research and production,” added Arlene Meadows, principal, Global Test Solutions. “There are so many signals this supply can output for so many applications. With its ease of use from the front panel, or under computer control, it is a great asset on the bench and in a rack.”