Rogers Corp.'s Advanced Circuit Materials Division (ACMD) will be exhibiting its RO4000 and RO3000 laminates and other advanced materials at the Taiwan Printed Circuit Assembly show (TPCA) 2008 to be held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan on October 22-24. Rogers will also display several of its highly effective thermal management solutions, including COOLSPAN™ and HEATWAVE™ materials.

Rogers' RO4000 and RO3000 laminates are the most widely used materials in the power amplifier market, with outstanding electrical and mechanical stability with temperature. These low loss materials also exhibit low z-axis expansion, making them ideal for high frequency applications subject to wide temperature extremes.

Rogers will be showcasing the improved capabilities of its RO4000 laminates, in particular RO4003C™ and RO4350B™ materials, now available with low-profile reverse-treat electrodeposited copper. These lead-free, RoHS-compliant laminates offer the outstanding performance of PTFE-based materials with the ease of fabrication common to FR-4 (epoxy/glass) laminates. RO4000 glass-reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic laminates deliver outstanding dimensional stability and tight dielectric-constant tolerance across a panel. They are ideal for a wide range of performance-sensitive, high-volume applications such as commercial communications.

Additional ACMD materials on hand will be the R/flex 8080 liquid photoimageable covercoat, a lower total cost alternative to adhesive-based cover film for fabricating high-density PCB areas, and now available in halogen-free versions; R/flex JADE halogen-free epoxy adhesive, with superior thermal resistance for meeting lead-free solder requirements in MLB constructions; and Rogers' LONGLITE flex series adhesiveless, copper-clad laminates, available in single- and double-sided flexible configurations. Thin LONGLITE flex series laminates provide excellent flexibility and high heat resistance.

HEATWAVE thermal management solutions are aluminum silicon carbide (AlSiC) Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) materials that combine light weight with excellent thermal conductivity. COOLSPAN Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is an easily dispensed grease with minimal fillers and extremely reliable performance. COOLSPAN Electrically and Thermally Conductive Adhesive (ETCA) is an unsupported silver-filled B-staged epoxy adhesive film. This material is targeted at microwave circuit and heatsink applications where an electrical ground path is desired. Other applications include die attach, printed circuit board fabrication and advanced material composites.

To serve the dynamic Asian market for full RF design and fabrication support, Rogers operates seven sales offices in Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore, and is constructing a new manufacturing facility in Suzhou.