Keithley Instruments Inc. announces its Series 2600A System SourceMeter® Instrument family. They provide unmatched ease-of-use, measurement performance and flexibility in order to speed time-to-market for its users, lower cost of test, and simplify the process of making high performance measurements.

The Series 2600A is Keithley’s newest version of its award-winning SourceMeter Instrument platform. It is a proven platform that combines a precision power supply, true current source, DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, V or I pulse generator with measurement, electronic load and trigger control – all in a single instrument.

The Series 2600A incorporates a wide variety of measurement performance improvements in both hardware and software that make it a powerful solution for both benchtop and multi-channel test system builders:
• Industry’s best throughput, along with the industry’s fastest sampling rates
• Virtually unlimited channel scalability
• Advanced parallel test capabilities
• Unique A/D converter technology that provides both high speed and measurement precision, unlike competitive products that usually require sharing the A/D converter among various tasks, which slows measurement speeds
• Breakthrough ease-of-use via its TSP® Express software, a free embedded utility that allows users to quickly and easily perform common I-V tests without writing any software code or installing any software
• Class C LXI compliance with the industry wide-Ethernet standard for rapid, cost-effective connection between the web and instrumentation

Customer applications will range from benchtop I-V test/characterization to multi-channel I-V test systems in high speed production environments to multi-channel semiconductor characterization systems.

The Series 2600A will be offered with Keithley’s Test Script Processor (TSP®) and TSP-Link® technology. With TSP, all test routines, including advanced decision-making algorithms, can be performed by the instrument, as opposed to sending the readings back to the PC for decision making. As a result, delays due to GPIB traffic congestion are eliminated, and overall test times are greatly reduced, bringing the advantages of true “smart instrumentation” to the user.

TSP-Link is Keithley’s expansion bus that allows users to add channels to their systems by connecting multiple SourceMeter instruments. Since all connected instruments behave as one tightly integrated multi-channel system, the user can scale the test system to fit the exact channel count needed at a low cost of test.