The third European Microwave Integrated Circuits (EuMIC) Conference will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 27 to 28 October as part of European Microwave Week, the largest event in Europe dedicated to microwave electronics. This conference has evolved from the highly successful GAAS® symposia and is now organised jointly by GAAS Association and EuMA. This microwave integrated circuits conference will continue to help make European Microwave Week the largest event in Europe related to RF microelectronics.

Microwave Monolithic Integrated circuits, MMIC and RFIC, is the foundation of today’s telecommunication and sensor systems.While GaAs and silicon based IC-technologies are used in today’s microwave link, radar, and remote sensing applications, emerging technologies such as wide band gap (SiC, GaN etc) and InP/antimonide based devices are expected to become commercially available within a few years, with an expected large impact on system performance. The downscaling of silicon technologies such as CMOS and SiGe-HBT according the Moore’s law, has now resulted in device performance close to the III-V technologies with cut-off frequencies exceeding 300GHz. As an expected result, highly integrated microwave and millimetre wave systems will likely be available also for broader consumer massmarket applications due to the reduced cost and increased functionality. As a result of the downscaling, there are however many challenges to conquer such as the resulting low breakdown voltage, which complicates the generation of microwave and millimetre wave power with decent efficiency, higher 1/f noise in devices leading to higher phase noise in local oscillators, substrate noise/coupling etc. To provide short time-to-product, first pass success in the design and short foundry turn-around time becomes very important. In addition, as the complexity of the circuits is increased, accurate modelling of active and passive components as well as the efficiency of CAD/CAE tools becomes increasingly important.

As a result, new systems working in the microwave and millimetrewave range will facilitate totally new services in the area of safety and security, high bit-rate wireless last-mile access, and multigigabit/ s low cost wireless links for home, entertainment, medical, and secure communication. In such a swiftly changing environment, it is essential to be well informed about current state-of-the-art technology, especially the latest developments.

EuMIC will continue as one of the leading conferences for MMICs/RFICs and their applications in Europe, and therefore the ideal event to keep up to date with the latest achievements in the field. The aim of the conference is to promote the discussion of recent developments and trends, and encourage the exchange of scientific and technical information on physical fundamentals, material technology, process development and technology, physicsbased and empirical-behavioural modelling of microwave and optoelectronic active devices, design of monolithic ICs based on GaAs, InP, SiGe, GaN, SiC and other semiconductor materials. Special emphasis will be given to applications covering the field of telecommunications (RF, microwave and optical), automotive, sensors, MEMS, military and space, as well as emerging technologies such as wide band gap semiconductors.

Conference Topics

Modelling and Circuit Simulation

G1 Physics Based Device Modelling and Simulation

G2 CAD Oriented Device Modelling

G3 Noise Modelling

G4 Linear and Non-linear CAD Techniques (Common Topic with EuMC)

G5 Mixed-Signal Modelling

Technologies and Devices

G6 Nano-technologies and Quantum Devices

G7 III-V Compound Semiconductors Devices and IC-Technologies

G8 Si-based Devices and IC-Technologies

G9 Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors Devices and Technologies

G10 RF-MEMS and MOEMS (Common Topic with EuMC)

G11 Reliability, Yield and Statistical Analysis

Circuit Design and Applications

G12 Microwave Monolithic ICs for Industrial Applications (Common Topic with EuMC)

G13 Millimetre-wave and Sub-Millimetre Wave Devices and ICs

G14 Power Amplifiers and Linearisers (Common Topic with EuMC and EuWiT)

G15 Mixed Signal ICs and System On Chip (Common Topic with EuWiT)

G16 Hybrid and Multi-Chip Modules (Common Topic with EuMC)

G17 Reconfigurable circuits and systems

G18 Circuits and Devices for Homeland Security

Conference Highlights

Over 100 papers will be presented with contributions from Europe, Asia and USA. Papers and posters will be made available on CDROM. Lively industrial panel sessions will also be organised. Keynote speakers from industry and the scientific community will present invited papers on topics of current importance. Focused sessions, Tailored Short Courses and Workshops will complement the programme. Proposals for focused sessions should be submitted before 2 December 2007 to the EuMIC Chairman.

EuMIC 2008 Prize

The Technical Programme Committee of EuMIC and the General Assembly of the European Microwave Association will award the EuMIC Prize of €3,000 to the author(s) of the best contributed paper to the EuMIC 2008.

EuMIC Young Engineers Prize

The EuMIC Technical Programme Committee and the General Assembly of the European Microwave Association will award the Young Engineer Prize of €2,000 to a young engineer or researcher who has presented an outstanding paper at the European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference. To be eligible candidates must be (1) aged 30 or younger at the date of the award, (2) the first author of the paper, (3) the presenter either of an oral or poster session. The number of co-authors should not exceed three. Applicants must state the purpose to which the prize will be put. The successful applicant may use part of the prize to fund attendance at the following year's European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference.

GAAS PhD Student Fellowship

The GAAS Association sponsors three student fellowships of €2,000 each, to be given to young full-time PhD students having an accepted paper at EuMIC 2008. The purpose is to recognize and provide financial assistance to international PhD students who show promise and interest in pursuing a graduate degree in microwave electronics. Applications should be submitted before 1 June 2008 to the GAAS Association. For further details see the GAAS® Association web-site

Reduced Fees and Special Grants

Reduced fees are implemented for students as well as senior persons aged 65 years or more. The European Microwave Association will also provide up to four student grants consisting of €500 plus the reduced registration fee for EuMIC. Applications should be sent to the EuMIC Chairman by 1 June 2008. The European Microwave Association will also provide a number of grants for delegates coming from NIS countries or Russia. The value of the grants is €500 plus the reduced registration fee for EuMIC. Applications should be sent to the EuMIC Chairman by 1 June 2008.



Professor Herbert Zirath

Chalmers University of Technology,



Professor John R. Long

Delft University of Technology,

The Netherlands

TPC Chairman

Dr. Frank van Vliet

TNO Defence, Security and Safety,

The Netherlands