There will be increasing need for high confidentiality, integrity, and authentication for the wide deployment of the next generation of RFID. Beside these issues, focus will also be on avoiding encryption algorithms; which require more complex modulation, to secure communication between RFID’s tags and readers.

In this paper, we will focus on securing the communication channel between tags and readers at the physical layer, rather than to secure the contents of RFIDs by encryption.

The RFID reader initially will communicate with the tag through narrowband communication and subsequently through broadband communication, by generating ultra wide-band signals using pulse position modulation with time hopping. We will explain the novel aspects of this security scheme as it simplifies or eliminates cryptographic requirements with the same level of existing passive RFIDs, also allowing simultaneous multiple access performance.

We will show the design of the system, by modeling the communication, designing the architecture of the transmitter as well as the receiver, finally showing the simulated results of modulated signal with its specific parameters as well as the receiver performance.


Secure Multi-access Channel Using UWB For Next Generation RFID Systems
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