RFHIC Corp., a manufacturer of active RF and MW components and hybrids with a heavy focus on GaN technology, has released thermally enhanced gallium nitride devices. RT233, RT240 and RT243 all have 36, 43 and 45 dBm measured Psat output power, from DC to 6 GHz applications. Patent-pending thermally-enhanced technology has been used to improve high temperature reliability and provide added power when used at pulsed applications or Class A amplification.

Samuel Cho, chief technical officer, RFHIC Corp., said: “RF and microwave infrastructure applications and broadband communication equipment including broadcasting, base station, repeaters and military app power amplifiers are more and more needing wider bandwidth, higher efficiency, better reliability and higher linearity.

This wideband characteristic of GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology enables multi-channel carrying capability for communication equipments, such as Cellular+PCS+WCDMA, GSM+DECT+UMTS or Ground+Airborne+Naval communication. GaN also makes possible for smaller system designs, with better efficiency, thus needs less land space for installation.”

GaN, or gallium nitride, has risen from the laboratory to the real RF and microwave power amplifier world and is gaining market share over other technologies. GaN device technology provides higher efficiency, broader bandwidth coverage, better reliability, higher operating voltage, higher operating temperature and higher in/output impedance, which all adds benefits for the next generation communication equipments. GaN is already widely used in Blue LED for display, White LED for lighting, and industrial diode production. When this application expands to communication markets and broadcasting markets, this can add better choices on developing new generation products.