WiQuest Communications Inc. announced the availability of its complete, high-performance Wireless USB Platform based on its advanced new WQU210 single-chip, CMOS silicon. This latest platform is the first to enable new Gigabit bandwidth-intensive applications requiring unprecedented performance to be delivered in enterprise and consumer products, worldwide.

“Our customers are extremely pleased to launch with our high performance, next generation UWB complete solution for Wireless USB and wireless audio/video applications,” commented Steve Perna, WiQuest CEO and president. “The availability of our integrated CMOS RF/PHY/MAC platform will be the catalyst for our customers to migrate UWB from the early market adoption stage to the mass market adoption stage. Compared to earlier architectures utilizing Silicon Germanium radios, the new WiQuest CMOS architecture offers customers over 50 percent lower active power, lower cost and footprint area with higher performance and reliability. This next generation technology platform from WiQuest once again raises the bar for the UWB industry, customers and users.”

Wireless USB products based on WiQuest technology are the most widely deployed throughout the world, with more than 12 additional new Wireless USB products from notebook PC and notebook PC peripheral manufacturers slated for release in 2008. Wireless USB-based products from leading notebook PC or PC peripheral companies are currently shipping in the US, Asia and Europe.

"WiQuest’s new single chip for Wireless USB addresses key requirements needed for increased worldwide adoption of the technology in 2009 including lower cost, size and power," said Brian O’Rourke, principal analyst at In-Stat. "Coupled with their strong market position and complete solution approach, WiQuest is very well-placed in the growing Wireless USB market."

Wireless USB technology offers advantages that neither Bluetooth nor Wi-Fi provides. Bluetooth is most commonly used for wireless headsets, mice and peripheral devices. Wi-Fi is most commonly used in shared bandwidth local area network, wireless applications. By contrast, Wireless USB offers unparalleled file transfer speeds and multimedia features such as audio and video streaming, while being over 10 times more power efficient than Wi-Fi and over 100 times higher throughput than Bluetooth.

Based on the WiMedia UWB Common Radio Platform, the WQU210 reinforces WiQuest’s strategy to build upon and extend the performance capabilities of UWB communications systems, providing industry leading performance, higher integration, and differentiated features while also expanding the worldwide footprint of UWB-enabled products.