The model 092-00635 is a conformal UHF SATCOM antenna that employs quad planar inverted F antenna (PFIA) radiators with an integral feed network to provide circularly polarized hemispherical coverage. This miniature SATCOM antenna is qualified for supersonic flight and is optimized for performance over the UHF SATCOM transmit band. The antenna has an integral frequency selective surface (FSS) embedded in the radome and other electromagnetic treatments to control radiation performance. Model 092-00635 employs sealed construction and rain erosion antistatic coating.

Cobham Defense Electronic Systems – Nurad Division
Baltimore, MD
(410) 542-1700

RS No. 217

Voltage-controlled Oscillator

The model CVCO55CW-1000-1500 is a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) that operates from 1000 to 1500 MHz with a control voltage range of 0.5 to 4.5 V. This VCO features a typical phase noise of -95 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and has excellent linearity. The model CVCO55CW-1000-1500 is packaged in the industry-standard 0.5" × 0.5" SMD package. Input voltage is 3 V, with a max current consumption of 15 mA. The CVCO55CW-1000-1500 is ideal for use in applications such as digital radio equipment, fixed wireless access, satellite communications systems and base stations. Price: starts at $10.39 each in volume.

Crystek Corp.
Fort Myers, FL
< (239) 561-3311

RS No. 218

Dual Polarization Antennas

This series of scalable and dual polarization antennas is designed for WiMAX. The new antennas are scalable, ranging from 2 to 12 beams and offer single and dual polarization — vertical and horizontal operating capability. As an example, from one antenna/single cell site, 72 beams can be deployed in six sectors. The antennas operate at high frequencies of up to 11 GHz and at the most common frequencies of WiMAX profiles. The antenna system’s scalability allows the operators and service providers to meet the continued and/or sudden capacity growth demands without installing new antennas and associated processes.

ET Industries Inc.
Boonton, NJ
(973) 394-1719

RS No. 219

GPS Disciplined Oscillator

FireFly-II is an extremely small COTS Global Positioning System Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) that has been ruggedized to meet military requirements, in particular the DoD new and emerging timing requirements. FireFly-II exceeds holdover requirements, delivers performance similar to Atomic Frequency Standards, and supports manpack, vehicle, airborne, as well as stationary applications. At only 1.5" × 3" small, FireFly provides Stratum-1 long-term performance of better than 5 parts per trillion (5E-012) averaged over 24 hours at less than 1/2 the size of the smallest competitive products.

Jackson Labs Technologies Inc.
Campbell, CA
(408) 596-0600

RS No. 226

High-gamma Automated Tuners

The HGT™ series of automated tuners are optimized for high power in-fixture and on- wafer applications requiring sub 1 Ω impedance and low vibration simultaneously. Based on Maury’s HGT technology, these high performance tuners evolve beyond obsolete and outdated multi-probe pre-matching technology to deliver ultra-high VSWR with superb accuracy and reliability. An integral component of Maury Device Characterization Solutions, these PC-based USB interface automated tuners are controlled using either Maury’s Device Characterization Software suite (ATS Version 4) or Maury’s DLL environment. Typical applications include load-pull using CW, GSM/EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA, WiMAX, and WiFi stimulus for mobile and infrastructure terminal design, RADAR design, and SATCOM design, and source-pull for deep sub-micron CMOS low noise characterization.

Maury Microwave Corp.
Ontario, CA
(909) 987-4715

RS No. 221

Passive Components

This series of passive components is aimed at the satellite, commercial, radio and air traffic communications industries as well as test and measurement. The range includes power divider/combiners, directional couplers and hybrid couplers. Operating at frequencies between 200 and 10,000 MHz, the resistor-less, two-, three- or four-way divider/combiners have the same power handling performance whether used as a divider or combiner up to a maximum of 500 W. When used as a divider, the power is split equally between all outputs so long as all ports are correctly matched with 50 Ω impedance. In power combining applications, the insertion loss is extremely low when the input signals are coherent and in-phase.

Labtech Microwave
Presteigne, Powys, UK
+44 1544 260 903

RS No. 251

Digital SP2T Switch

This reflective single-pole two-throw (SP2T) switch, model SW2-005180RN3NF, operates in a frequency range from 500 MHz to 18 GHz with a minimum of 60 dB isolation from 0.5 to 12 GHz and 55 dB isolation from 12 to 18 GHz and VSWR of 1.8 maximum. The two-bit input control word is TTL compatible and the time between the 50 percent point of the input control pulse to the 10 to 90 percent point of detected RF is within 40 ns. The power handling capability is 20 dBm. Rise/fall time is < 20 ns typical. Available options include an extended band version, as well as sub-band versions.

Hauppauge, NY
(631) 436-7400

RS No. 234

Fixed Attenuators

MECA extends the frequency range of its 2, 5 and 10 W attenuators to 18 GHz for demand- ing satellite, radar, microwave radio and telemetry applications. N-type and SMA connector configurations with standard attenuation values of 3, 6, 10, 20 and 30 dB are available from stock. Made in the USA—36 month warranty.

MECA Electronics
Denville, NJ
(973) 625-0661

RS No. 222

90° Quadrature Hybrid

Pulsar announces a new line of 90 degree quadrature hybrids with upper frequencies of 18 GHz. A typical unit covers 2 to 16 GHz with a phase balance of ±5°C and an amplitude of ±0.6 dB. Isolation is 18 dB and VSWR is 1.35 maximum.

Pulsar Microwave Corp.
Clifton, NJ
(973) 779-6262

RS No. 242


75 dB Log Detector

The model HMC612LP4(E) logarithmic detector/controller is fabricated in a SiGe BiCMOS process, and converts RF signals at its differential input to a proportional output DC voltage. The HMC612LP4 (E) delivers an extremely high ±1 dB dynamic range of greater than 60 dB up to 0.9 GHz, and 45 dB dynamic range at 3 GHz with temperature stability over the -40° to +85°C operating temperature range. At input frequencies from 50 Hz to 0.9 GHz, a ±3 dB dynamic range of up to 75 dB can be achieved. This model is ideal for RF power measurement and control in cellular/PCS/3G, WiMAX, WiBro, fixed wireless, radio link and radar applications over the 50 Hz to 3 GHz frequency range.

Hittite Microwave Corp.
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343

RS No. 220

Frequency Translator

The model T5P-50X-0CC is a digitally-controlled pin diode frequency translator that op- erates from 5.60 to 5.65 GHz. Across the band, this frequency translator offers 25 dB carrier suppression and 25 dB sideband suppression at a 500 kHz translation rate. With less than 4.5 dB insertion loss and 1.5 VSWR, this frequency translator can handle ±15 dBm CW, 1 W maximum RF input power. G.T. Microwave collaborated with Q-Tech Corp. to provide the MIL-PRF-55310 conforming clock oscillator. Size: 4.25" × 2.65" × 1".

G.T. Microwave Inc.
Randolph, NJ
(973) 361-5700

RS No. 224

RDS PC-mount Relays

This miniature 1P2T PC mount relay is configured with 0.036 diameter RF pins and solder- able ground pins for maximized circuit transition. The relay also features thru-hole mounting to accommodate edge circuit launch and solderable DC pins on the same solder plane for ease of mounting. RF performance is rated to 3 GHz. High performance plastics allow a power rating of 325 W CW and derating to 200 W CW to 3 GHz. This device can be provided in break before make pulse latching configuration with choice of 12 or 28 V operating voltage.

RelComm Technologies Inc.
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-4488

RS No. 228

SMA Transfer Switches

RLC’s micro-miniature SMA transfer switch is a compact design. The switch incorporates SMA connectors to allow high-density packaging and excellent electrical performance through 26.5 GHz. The switch is available in failsafe and latching configurations with a choice of three different frequency ranges and three different coil voltages.

RLC Electronics Inc.
Mount Kisco, NY
(914) 241-1334

RS No. 230

SP3T Antenna Switch

The SKY13309-370 LF is a single-pole three-throw (SP3T) antenna switch for the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz band. The low loss, high isolation, high linearity, small size and low-cost features make this switch ideal for wireless local area network (WLAN), Bluetooth® systems, and other applications including analog and digital mobile television in emerging markets, wireless headsets, and receiver chain of phones. The switch is packaged in a lead (Pb)-free and RoHS-compliant, 2 × 2 × 0.6 mm plastic package.

Skyworks Solutions Inc.
Woburn, MA
(781) 376-3000

RS No. 223

Coaxial Resonator Oscillator

The model CRO1680A-LF is a lead-free, RoHS compliant, coaxial resonator oscillator (CRO) in L-band (1680 MHz) featuring extraordinary low phase noise (typical) performance of –120 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset. This unique design offers excellent (typical) second harmonic suppression of –20 dBc with a typical tuning sensitivity of 4 MHz/V and covers the band between 0.5 to 4.5 V. It is designed to provide 8 dBm output power (typical) at 5 VDC supply while drawing 30 mA (typical) over the extended operating temperature range of -40° to 85°C. CRO1680A-LF is ideally suited for narrowband applications that require excellent phase noise performance. Size: 0.50" × 0.50" × 0.22".

Z-Communications Inc.
San Diego, CA
(858) 621-2700

RS No. 231


High Power GaN Amplifier

The model SSPA 2.9-3.5-100 is a high power, S-band radar, solid-state power amplifier that operates from 2.9 to 3.5 GHz. This unit delivers 100 W of peak or average power typical to the load at room temperature. It can handle both pulsed and CW input signals. Energy storage is internal to the amplifier for a 100 µs, 10 percent duty cycle. This SSPA is manufactured for S-band radar systems that employ short pulse, long pulse and CW waveforms. Standard housing size is approximately 5" × 7" × 1.25".

Aethercomm Inc.
San Marcos, CA
(760) 598-4340

RS No. 216

Solid-state Power Amplifier

The model BHED1939-500 is a high power broadband amplifier that operates in a fre- quency range from 1000 to 3000 MHz. The amplifier is designed using the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) device technology biased in an “AB” linear mode, offering excellent efficiency, high gain and linear dynamic range. The amplifier is designed to operate in harsh environments, packaged in self-contained rack mountable drawers, which provide air cooling and excellent EMI/RFI protection. Applications include: military wideband jamming, communications, commercial lab testing and or as replacement for high power TWT amplifier systems.

Comtech PST
Melville, NY
(631) 777-8900

RS No. 232

Detector Log Video Amplifier

This detector log video amplifier (DLVA) design is for anti-jamming solutions. This DLVA features fast pulse response, excellent frequency flatness, high-speed/broadband, extended dynamic range and ultra high sensitivity. Microphase can design this unit for application within a phased array radar, electronic countermeasure systems and integrated systems.

Microphase Corp.
Norwalk, CT
(203) 866-8000

RS No. 233


Weatherproofing Tape

Avoid tapes and mastics with this new self-bonding silicone weatherproofing tape kit for protection of outdoor connector installations. The new tape kit, WK-S, facilitates easy installation and provides a long-term environmental seal for connections. With a list price of $24.00, each kit can weatherproof up to 12 connections making it a fast and cost-effective solution.

Times Microwave Systems
Wallingford, CT
(203) 949-8400

RS No. 235


Programmable Attenuator

The model AGH-8018-60DD-SF option 1218, SK is a programmable attenuator that incorpo- rates a new linearization circuit to enable fast and accurate attenuation switching. The new design focuses on quick settling and stable operation over temperature extremes. Switching between any attenuation level is typically settled within 1 dB in about 400 ns. Temperature stability is ±1 dB over -10° to 85°C. This model uses a hermetic MIL-C-28747 14 pin connector. Size: 1.34"× 1.34" × 0.5".

American Microwave Corp.
Frederick, MD
(301) 662-4700

RS No. 236

Discrete Element Filters

These discrete element filter (DE series filters) designs are available in the frequency range of 1 MHz to 6 GHz with topologies of low pass, high pass and band pass responses. These filter designs can be optimized for low insertion loss and steep skirt selectivity. Because of the flexibility in discrete element filters, they are available in a greater number of responses and topologies than cavity filters.

ClearComm Technologies LLC
Fruitland, MD
(410) 860-0500

RS No. 238

VHF Autotuned Filter

The model D2HBTM-85/165-0.5-N/N-BRI is a VHF autotuned filter designed specifically for military and high-end commercial applications. The VHF autotuned filter is a high “Q” bandpass filter, which provides a narrow 3 dB bandwidth, while covering the 85 to 165 MHz frequency band. When configured with a VHF transceiver, the device provides filtering solutions for field applications where co-location interference must be eliminated. The filter is tuned by an RS-422 remote interface output from the transceiver. When the frequency is changed on the transceiver, the filter tunes to the new commanded frequency automatically.

K&L Microwave
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-2424

RS No. 239

PCS High Power Cavity Duplexer

LCW offers WP-D00001, a duplexer that covers the full Personal Communication System (PCS) frequencies. The duplexer exhibits less than 0.8 dB of insertion loss across the passbands of 1850 to 1910 MHz and 1930 to 1990 MHz while providing greater than 60 dB of rejection. The unit will handle 500 W average power and 10 kW peak power. This unit is designed for mounting on a 3U–19" rack with a depth of 6" and is available from stock.

Lorch Microwave
Salisbury, MD
(410) 860-5100

RS No. 240

95 dB Programmable Attenuator

The model RPA-522095-1S-12V-TTL-R is a programmable attenuator that features a dynamic range of 95 dB in 1 dB steps over a frequency range of DC to 2.2 GHz. Attenuation accuracy is ±0.2 dB or 2 percent over the entire range. VSWR is 1.4 maximum and insertion loss is 4 dB maximum. Switching speed is 6 mS and the relay switch is rated at 5 million operations per cell. Operating voltage is 12 VDC at 15 mA per cell. The control protocol is TTL and via a 10-pin connector. The RF connectors are SMA female. This programmable is an ideal solution in many RF simulation, OEM test equipment and telecommunication lab applications. Delivery: stock to six weeks.

Trilithic Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 895-3600

RS No. 243

Jitter Attenuator

The VFJA911 is a jitter attenuator that provides an LVPECL output with a frequency of 25 MHz. With less than 0.4 dBc of jitter peaking, the device allows for cascading multiple stages within the network. A select input [Sel] allows the user to switch from the external input reference to a free-run mode. In free-run mode the device outputs a 25 MHz clock that is not locked to the input reference frequency. Operating with a +3.3 V power supply the device typically consumes 135 mW. The VFJA911 is available in a 15.0 × 13.0 mm surface-mount package.

Valpey Fisher Corp.
Hopkinton, MA
(508) 435-6831

RS No. 244


RF Signal Processing Assembly

The model RFOC-811-QRC is an 8 to 11 GHz RF signal processing assembly. The assembly includes three independent subsystems. A total of 29 RF components are integrated in the assembly. Eight voltage-controlled 60 dB pin diode attenuators and eight fast pin diode switches (switch on/off: 50 ns max) are used to process the RF signals along different paths of interest. The isolation between the three independent subsystems in the assembly is typically 70 dB. Size: 8.5" × 3.9" × 1.85".

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.
Frederick, MD
(301) 631-1579

RS No. 249


USB Power Sensor

The PWR-6G+ USB power sensor operates in a frequency range from 1 to 6000 MHz. This power sensor offers a 50 dB dynamic range that is used with a PC via USB interface. The PWR-6G+ does not require any reference signal calibration. All specifications provided to apply to continuous wave (CW) signals. The Mini-Circuits USB power sensor comes with power meter software that turns the PC into a power meter. Product features include: 50 dB dynamic range, -30 to +20 dBm; good VSWR, 1.1 typical; low cost replacement solution for conventional power meters; easy installation and operation; turns a laptop into a power meter; and temperature compensated.

Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500

RS No. 241

RF Conducted Immunity Test System

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has introduced a new RF conducted immunity test system to test to MIL-STD 461D & E CS114, DO160D & E, EN/IEC 61000-4-6, IEC 60601-1-2, EN 50130-4, EN 61000-6-1/2 and EN 55024 standards. Model CI00400 (10 kHz to 400 MHz) is a fully self-contained unit and includes a signal generator, power meter, 100 W AR amplifier, directional coupler and control software.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181

RS No. 252

Noise Measurement System

The EDGE Flicker Noise Measurement System is certified to provide accurate measurements from 1 Hz to 30 MHz. This system is a fully integrated measurement system. In contrast to traditional flicker noise measurement solutions, which are bolted-together systems comprising system elements from up to five different vendors, the EDGE Flicker Noise Measurement System is a true turn-key solution. Seamless integration of the wafer probe station, instruments, software and accessories is overlaid with unprecedented service and support in the form of site surveys, pre- and post-measurement optimization and continuing application support. The result is a worry-free, accurate flicker noise measurement.

Cascade Microtech Inc.
Beaverton, OR
(503) 601-1000

RS No. 246

Handheld Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

The SA2600 handheld real-time spectrum analyzer is ideal for a wide variety of applications, ranging from small radio repair depots, to spectral interference management in the field. Featuring true real-time DPX™ capability in a handheld spectrum analyzer, the SA2600 offers practical solutions to discover short transient spectral events that slip past conventional spectrum and batch processing vector signal analyzers. The portability allows easy instrument sharing in the laboratory environment and robust all-day battery operation in the field, all with the largest display in its class. With field-ready, rugged hardware featuring outstanding displayed average noise level (DANL), spurious free dynamic range (SFDR), phase noise and easy LAN networking capability in a portable unit, the SA2600 is a great choice for general purpose spectrum measurements.

Tektronix Inc.
Beaverton, OR
(800) 835-9433

RS No. 247



This extensive line of both In-Series and Between-Series precision adapters features low VSWR, captivated center contact, and ruggedized construction for repeatability and reliability. In-Series adapters are phase-matched. These adapters operate in a frequency range from DC to 65 GHz. Straight, bulkhead and right angle configurations are readily available.

SGMC Microwave
W. Melbourne, FL
(321) 409-0509

RS No. 250