In response to increased X-band communications requirements, Locus Microwave has developed a 5 or 10 W miniature Block Upconverter (BUC). The UB61000-037/-040 provides a cost-effective, compact and rugged solution for a variety of X-band communications needs including commercial, military and military Manpack SATCOM systems. This unit features an L-band interface with an X-band (7.9 to 8.4 GHz) output with power ratings at 5 or 10 W available in the same package form factor.

Technical Parameters

The Locus UB61000-037/-040 series converts the L-band (950 to 1450 MHz) input frequency range to the X-band (7.9 to 8.4 GHz) range using a phased-locked 6.95 GHz local oscillator and mixer. Amplification is provided at both the L-band frequency input range and the X-band output range. The gain for the UB61000-037/-040 is specified at 50 dB minimum and 53 dB as a typical performance featuring a flatness of ±1.25 dB maximum over the width of the full band and a slope of ±0.4 maximum per 40 MHz. This unit operates at an option of either 12 or 48 VDC. Key performance specifications are listed in Table 1; complete gain and power versus frequency is shown in Figure 1.

With military communication applications in mind the UB61000-037/-040 has phase noise (SSB) performance that exceeds the MIL-STD-188-164A specifications for performance, as illustrated in Figure 2. This unit operates in a variety of environments with ratings for temperatures spanning from -40 to +50°C as well as an environmental humidity rating of 100 percent including allowances for condensation. These specifications ensure the best possible performance for the longest duration for field communications.

Package Features

The UB61000-037/-040 is packaged in a compact yet ruggedized and weather resistant housing, which is designed for both indoor and outdoor environments. Different heatsink options are available for the UB61000-037/-040 providing a variety of options for practical applications. These options affect the dimensions of the unit; however, the weight remains approximately seven pounds.

This unit is available with full thermal heatsinking creating a package that is efficient and cool, but still compact. The UB61000-037/-040 with heatsinks is competitively sized at 6 x 5.88 x 4.3 inches. This compact size is ideal for antenna mount applications.

The UB61000-037/-040 is available without thermal heatsinking as well. This option creates an extremely small package size (6 x 3.5 x 2.35 in). The advantage to this type of packaging is the ease of system integration. This unit can be integrated into systems that have pre-engineered thermal cooling considerations. An example of this is a military Manpack communications system. The UB61000-037/-040, like all Locus Microwave products, is available in variety of colors such as white, green or tan.


The Locus Microwave UB61000-037/-040 high performance miniature X-band BUC provides a cost-effective, lightweight and versatile solution for a variety of X-band communications applications. These applications include both commercial and military systems.

To supply the emerging X-band communications niche, Locus provides a full line of Block Upconverters, low noise amplifiers and solid-state power amplifiers. Additional information about the UB61000-037/-040 or any Locus Microwave product may be obtained via e-mail at

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