Indra has been awarded an €18 M contract to implement the integrated maritime border surveillance system in Romania. The contract adjudicated by the Romanian Ministry of Finance is to be concluded in 12 months and includes the implementation and start-up of an integrated system for the surveillance of the Black Sea maritime border.

The surveillance system will consist of sensor stations equipped with radar systems and electro-optics vision, a radio-link network and a control and command center. The center, which will be located in Constanza, will integrate all the information collected by the sensor stations to create a common and unified scenario of the Romanian coast to provide alerts to operators about possible threats.

The design of the system is based on the maritime border surveillance system that Indra has implemented in Gran Canaria, Huelva and Almería, and which will also be operative in Murcia and Ibiza. Once it is finished, it will control more than 1,000 km of the coast. The system is also being implemented in Latvia and in Hong-Kong.

Border protection is a critical issue for the European Union, specifically in this region, since many of the countries that have recently joined the EU outline its eastern border. In fact, the contract with Romania represents the third time the system has been exported and the second to an East European country. Currently, Eastern Europe is one of the areas with more projects in the border surveillance market worldwide.