Digitel Mobile Philippines Inc. (DMPI), a cellular telecommunications provider, which operates under the brand name of Sun Cellular, has selected Ceragon Networks Ltd.’s Native2 FibeAir® solutions for deployment as part of its network upgrade to provide 3G data and multimedia services based on IP technology. This order totaling over $3.5 M, follows several successful deployments of Ceragon’s wireless backhaul solution for DMPI over the recent years.

DMPI’s new 3G network will enable its customers to enjoy a wide range of data and multimedia services. Native2 platforms are designed to provide a fast and reliable Ethernet transmission solution for mobile, WiMAX, private and metro area networks, while also enabling native TDM traffic. Supporting the entire licensed spectrum, from 6 to 38 GHz, the solutions incorporate comprehensive Ethernet networking capabilities including advanced QoS for differentiated services, flow control and sophisticated traffic balancing.

Digitel Mobile is also employing Ceragon’s FibeAir product family in their metro area network upgrade, including SDH high-capacity protected links in 2 xSTM1 configuration. Covering the entire city of Manila, this hybrid SDH/IP network will allow reliable mobile and data services for the densely populated area.