Company Description

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. was founded in June 1990 with the purpose of supplying the microwave community with YIG-Based products that provide technically superior performance at competitive prices with the highest regard to customer service and quality.

A privately held corporation, Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. has been formed from a core of individuals with specialized YIG-based component experience combined with analog, digital and PLL specialists to yield a strong dynamic technical staff. High volume manufacturing techniques have been implemented across all product lines along with standardized mechanical and electrical designs, which lend themselves to low cost and high volume applications.

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. maintains a commitment to Total Quality Management and Just-In-Time concepts throughout the organization. Our integrated manufacturing system combines sales orders, work orders, accounting, inventory and scheduling. Material planning is supported by an MRP module, which coordinates subcontractor material requirements. Product standardization focusing on a repeatable manufacturing process enables Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. to stock material, allowing for very short build cycles.

Our quality program is based on MIL-I-45208A with internal procedures written to the intent of ISO-9000 and MIL-Q-9858. Emphasis is placed on training and each individuals responsibility to quality from customer service to shipping.

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. is a market driven company, which has been pushing YIG-Technology on a consistent basis into new and foreign markets and applications. Consistent product development based on “Standard Module Concepts” has yielded many “State-of-the-Art” designs and products currently being deployed in the latest Instrumentation, Wireless and Military applications around the world. This has lead Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. to become the largest independent YIG-Based component supplier in the market today.

Markets Served

• Test and Measurement Instrumentation

• VXI, PXI and VME Miniaturized Instrumentation

• ELINT and SIGINT Receivers

• SATCOM and TELECOM Applications

• LMDS/MVDS Wireless Data & Voice

• Digital Radio

- Point-to-Point

- Point-to-Multi Point

• Radar


• ECM & EW

Major Products

• YIG Oscillators 500 MHz to 40 GHz

- Electro-Magnetic

• YIG Oscillators 2 GHz to 20 GHz

- Permanent Magnet

• YIG Filters 500 MHz to 46 GHz

- Bandpass

- Band Reject (Notch)

- Dual Channel

- Permanent Magnet

• YIG Harmonic Generators ( Multipliers) 1 GHz to 20 GHz

• Analog and Digital Interfaces

- TTL Binary

- 3 Wire Serial

• Phase Locked Sources 2 GHz to 20 GHz (40 GHz with doublers)

- Fixed Frequency

- Internal Reference

- Tunable

• Frequency Synthesizers 500 MHz–16 GHz

- Wideband Low Noise

- Narrowband Low Noise

- Digital Radio

- Integrated Frequency Doublers

• YIG-Based Sub-Assemblies

Contact Information

Micro Lambda, Inc
46515 Landing Parakway
Fremont, CA 94538
P: (510) 770-9221 • F: (510) 770-9213