Honeywell announced the availability of its Honeywell In-flight Messaging Service accessible via Wi-Fi® enabled BlackBerry® smartphones from Research in Motion through Honeywell’s OneLink™ satellite communications services.

The Honeywell In-flight Messaging Service can configure Swift64 or SwiftBroadband SATCOM and router equipment to enable customers with Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry smartphones to send and receive e-mail while onboard business jet aircraft. This service provides the most efficient use of existing Inmarsat satellite capabilities to enable BlackBerry e-mail and PC-based Internet applications while in-flight. The Honeywell In-flight Messaging Service provides continuous, uninterrupted always-on access to e-mail while on the ground and from take-off to landing for Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry smartphones. Honeywell can configure systems for general access to all passengers or for secure access by designated passengers.

“This new Honeywell In-flight Messaging Service capability, coupled with satellite technology, is a tremendous advancement in improving cabin communications utilization and efficiency in all phases of aircraft operation,” said Rob Wilson, president, Honeywell Business and General Aviation. “This is the number one communication service that Honeywell customers have asked for, and we are able to deliver this enhanced capability that supports BlackBerry smartphones, plus regular PC Internet traffic in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.”