Tyco Electronics M/A-COM announced a new RoHS compliant 2.4 to 2.5 GHz Linear Power Amplifier for 802.11b/g MIMO WLAN applications that require high gain, high efficiency and small size all at a low cost. The MAAP-008516 is a three-stage power amplifier designed specifically for linear 802.11b/g applications and is available in a lead-free 2 x 2.5 mm PQFN plastic package.

“The MAAP-008516 is an excellent example of M/A-COM engineers listening to our customers and producing designs for their next generation products,” said James Dempsey, product team manager, Tyco Electronics M/A-COM. “The combination of gain, output power, low battery consumption and small size form factor is exactly what our customers need for their handheld, battery operated, data and gaming devices to be competitive in today’s marketplace.”

The MAAP-008516 amplifier can achieve 16.5 dBm linear output power with EVM ≤ 3.0 percent, maximizing system performance while maintaining low DC Power consumption. The power amplifier also features an integrated power detector for accurate power control and a separate power mode pin for current savings in a power shutdown mode state.

For 802.11g applications, the MAAP-008516 generates 16.5 dBm of linear output power (OFDM, QAM-64, 54 Mbps) while drawing only 80 mA of current and maintaining an EVM of ≤ 3.0 percent. For 802.11b applications, the PA generates 21.5 dBm of linear output power while consuming only 95 mA of current. The MAAP-008516 has a typical linear gain of 30 dB at an operating voltage of 3.3 V.